onsdag 2. april 2014

Se vårt hagemøbelutvalg på en ny måte!

Nå lanserer vi en ny, spennende hagemøbeloversikt på vår nettside.

 Først får du opp et oversiktsbilde. Deretter klikker du deg inn på det produktet du liker best. 

Neste bilde vil se slik ut og du kan klikke på akkurat det du ønsker informasjon om! 

Morsomt, ikke sant? Vi vil veldig gjerne ha en tilbakemelding fra deg på hvordan du synes dette fungerer. 

Klikk HER for å komme inn på siden.

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Well each one knows the answer to this question. Yes, we love food. This is as it is source of life. It's what if you the energy to do the daily tasks. Without it you cannot live. You should have a great link with the food. To line from movie Hostel, “Think of it as great that gave its life so that you won't be hungry.” (Fine plants have life too). Love it for without it, you cannot stay alive. Not to point out how tasty it tastes, how beautiful it looks when seen through hungry eyes. The enjoyment, which takes to you the lovely joy when you eat it. It cannot be tells. Embrace it for without it you cannot exist.
    The reason why man works is to make sure that he and his family do not have to sleep hungry at night. Lack of food creates him do unjust work. So love it for you cannot be a human without it.
    Mainly as we would pass away, if we did not eat. Often our body tells us what it needs by making that exacting food appealing to us. The food will smell good and our mouth will start watering.
    An example of this is my own skill. I am mainly a vegetarian and when I smell cooking meat, it smells repellant to me, but sometimes, always in the winter, it will smell delicious, and I have a craving for it. So I eat a connect of dishes of meat and that make happy my craving and once again, cooking meat returns to smelling repellant to me. My massage analyst once told me that in the winter we need more yang power and two sources of yang energy is meat and chocolate. Once I was able to connect my meat longing to when it happened, I wondered if she might have been correct.

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